Sungun Copper Ore Process Plant
Sangoon   2002 – 2003
Employer                     MAPNA.
Main contractor              Tanavob
Concrete                       M3            
Structure Fabrication     Ton       
Structure Installation     Ton       
Equipment Installation   Ton      8,130
Welding                         ID        84,156
Cabling                          M        249,108        
Field Instrument            Set       872         


This project consists of installation of two units foster wheeler Iberia heat recovery steam generators their capacities 154 ton/hr (HP) steam and 40 ton/hr (IP) steam ,one unit Siemens turbine and generator its capacity 110 MW, and balance of plant including HVAC, compressed air, water treatment plant, diesel genera- tor , 02 injection, earthing, lightening, telephone ,paging, related tests and precommissioning

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